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95% Report Data Quality Issues

Trustworthy CRM data is vital to the success of any business. Yet surprisingly, research shows 95 percent of survey respondents report having data quality issues that seriously impair their ability to fully leverage their CRM. The study also revealed that only 19 percent of respondents said CRM data quality is a high-priority initiative for leadership.

Where is the disconnect between knowing your data is critical to business success and prioritizing its maintenance and quality? It boils down to two things: a lack of a defined approach that includes leadership buy-in, and the right technology to support it.

Appropriate processes include a data audit to evaluate data accuracy and completeness around deduplication. No CRM is exempt from duplicate records. Duplicate records are inevitable players in the game of data quality and, if left unattended, will take over your carefully planted garden of data like rampant weeds.


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