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Our team goes the extra mile in validating and updating your CRM firmographic and demographic data by directly calling your contacts - something that traditional data providers simply don’t provide. Diesel Sail brings highly focused, talented human teams to support you throughout each project and through the life of the engagement.

Our expertise is your gain


Fractional Chief Sales Officer/CMO Leadership 

Hiring a fractional CSO offers cost savings by providing strategic expertise without a full-time commitment. With 20+ years of proven success to tap into, this focused investment quickly drives lead conversions, optimizes your sales process, and delivers compelling results that drive maximum ROI.

+ Strategic Planning: Aligned with Your Business Goals
+ Team Optimization: Maximizing Sales Productivity
+ Strong Customer Relationships that Increase Loyalty
+ Market Expansion Based on Strategic Positioning


Outbound Lead Generation
Cold Email & Calling 

Cold emailing and calling drive increased performance by initiating direct communication with potential clients. These methods enable personalized pitches, fostering connections and generating leads. You gain immediate response and enhanced conversion of prospects, boosting sales outcomes and overall performance. 

+ Initiate Swift Direct Communication
+ Foster Greater Connections & Leads
+ Impact Outreach Efficiency
+ Drive Engagement and Customer Conversion


Ongoing Data Validation & Testing - Change Detection

With the option of customizing the frequency of subsequent data append and validation, you have a choice based on your specific needs.  Optional change detection services provide real-time notice of when your targets change roles.

+ API Support Change Detection
+ Dedicated Account Manager 
+ Custom Data Updates
+ Periodic Validation of New Data


Driving Lead Generation Results for Maximum ROI

Maximizing ROI with ABM campaigns involves strategic account targeting, personalized content, and focused engagement. By tailoring efforts to high-value accounts, businesses can achieve higher conversion rates, stronger customer relationships, and increased ROI.  

+ Targeted Precise Approach
+ Personalized Content
+ Strategic Engagement
+ Higher Conversion Rates

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