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Achieve your Sales Targets Efficiently and in Style  

Sunset Sailboats

Fueling Sales Pipeline with Data Accuracy

Fueling Sales Pipeline with Data Accuracy and Precision -  Over the last twenty years the Diesel Sail Team has been on the front line assisting B2B companies develop and define optimal demand generation motions.


Our mantra is simple and consistent - Accurate data is key and without it, you can’t achieve optimal outcomes in driving engagement. We coach CEOs, CMOs, and Sales Operations teams to take their data to another level - by ensuring their CRM database is at least 95% accurate using direct Telephone Validation. 

Then we work with your team to identify and target the most optimal clients using a variety of Cold Email tactics including ABM and drip campaigns. 

Clean CRM Data for Every Winning Sales Team

Imagine your CRM database is 95% accurate and refreshed in real-time. This translates to a meteoric jump in productivity; it increases employee performance by improving the customer experience and drives sales conversions.


At Diesel Sail we combine the efficiency of Internet Research with Direct Telephone research to place you in the top poll position. Sales tools, CRM platforms, and third-party data providers address part of the problem – yet existing providers won’t call your entire database. Hence a consistent issue persists - inherently inaccurate data within the CRM platform.


Consistently, sales and marketing teams are losing more than one-third of their time to poor data. The moment of truth is when we test a CRM database for accuracy. Often, we determine most CRM databases are frequently 40%+ inaccurate.


This dirty data story impacts marketing campaigns and your sales numbers, also tanks team morale, and throttles outbounding performance.


This can be remedied as quickly as one month.


If you want to sail in the ocean and win the race, it’s crucial to utilize not just the latest tools but to ensure your data is in optimal health through live research. Our challenge to you - test your CRM data and confirm our assumptions - at no cost.


Let’s make 2024 the year of sales efficiency and optimal conversions for your team.

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