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Arrive at Your Target Goals in Style  

Sunset Sailboats


The Austin experience defines innovation, the world’s music capital hosts tech giants Tesla, Apple, Indeed, Amazon, and Google - touching every corner of the world.  

Diesel Sail drives results because we understand how to cohesively present and execute a united front that’s a solid win for the customers and a positive experience throughout the engagement.

Having interviewed hundreds of businesses, there’s a consistent need for analyzing market receptivity and determining a tailored plan of action that’s realistic and achievable.

Our clients achieve results quickly because we are efficient - and we are constantly searching for innovative strategies to merge data and psychology. Effectively projecting sales motion is our focus.  

If you’re in the market for achieving sales results with memorable campaigns, qualified opportunities, and meteoric revenue, you’ve arrived. 



Daniel Hutton

Creative and Technical Innovator

As a Sales & Marketing digital innovator, Daniel Hutton has delivered meteoric growth for SaaS and IT services; he’s ideated, designed, and executed hundreds of demand-generation campaigns across the globe.

As a Sales & Marketing digital innovator, Daniel Hutton has delivered meteoric growth for global technology leaders including Dell Computers, Intel, Microsoft, and AT&T.

On the Consumer side, Hutton led omnichannel campaigns for Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Clorox, Walmart & H-E-B Grocery. Within the SaaS and IT Services industries, he’s ideated, designed, and executed hundreds of global demand generation campaigns.

Hutton’s passion is assisting globally focused SaaS and IT Service companies from Europe,
Germany, Holland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and New Zealand execute GTM plans in the highly competitive US market. Born in Brussels, educated in Austin, and with language studies in Berlin, Hutton relishes sharing the latest tactics and strategies with business leaders. 

To quickly accelerate client success, Hutton utilizes proven marketing research techniques from exhausting competitive research to crafting a polished, refined, and rock-solid unique value proposition – backed up by target audience testing.

Amplifying sales momentum, Hutton has more than 15 years of closing deals and driving reoccurring revenue; he quickly utilizes MEDDIC and Force Management sales methodologies to secure high-value deals across the globe and continuously pack the sales funnel.


Martyn Buffler

Consistently driving positive sales motion

Martyn Buffler is a customer-focused, profit-driven leader credited with combining sales, marketing, and business development expertise to deliver substantial revenue growth and cost savings in highly competitive business markets.

Martyn Buffler has more than 20 years of proven leadership in the Healthcare and Facilities Management industry combining sales, marketing, and business development into actionable, defined team execution. 

His passion for delivering customer-centric service goes beyond organizational expectations, it results in win-win relationships that drive high-value engagements with significant recurring revenue growth.  Healthcare leaders leverage Buffler’s excellence in devising, defining, and executing short-and long-term business strategies, identifying new business opportunities, and evaluating markets for new business products. 

Buffler’s engaging leadership style is bolstered by a dynamic mindset and talent for innovative and disruptive Go-To-Market strategies. Buffler led successful projects for New York Life, Texas Children  Hospital, FSI – Facilities Survey, HCA, LifePoint Healthcare, Kindred Inc., TMA, MONY (AXA), National Surgical Inc., Ascension Healthcare, Northwestern Healthcare & Real Estate. 

Sharing his extensive experience in sales productivity, recruiting, and operations, he consistently delivers high-achieving results. Polished sales management skills include sales strategy, team building – recruitment, new territory expansion, channel, and partner development.

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