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Innovative Clients 

Working with the Best Clients and Partners

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Plexure Digital

Focused on a Go-To-Market plan for one of Europe's largest grocers, Diesel Sail assisted the team to secure and enrich their CRM B2B database with both demographic and firmographic data for use in ABM campaigns led by the business development team.

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Dell SMB

Diesel Sail collaborated with Dell Executives to create hero-focused, data-driven campaigns to drive sales motion for SMB software and product services including upsell and cross-selling initiatives across the globe within site commerce and online advertising. Data validation and enrichment were provided for targeting clients with digital advertising and ABM campaigns.

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H-E-B Grocery

With an intense focus on innovation and cross-business unit collaboration, Diesel Sail led a complete transformation from backend servers to a full site redesign and content refresh which resulted in highly engaging digital marketing programs. Diesel Sail assisted in working directly with brand leaders within CPG to drive increased sales using MTF.

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HCA Healthcare

HCA, the largest healthcare hospital organization in the world asked Diesel Sail to build an industry-leading healthcare CMMS program across 37 locations. This empowered HCA to mitigate risk and better manage compliance requirements which resulted in more than $25 million in capital expenditures. Data accuracy was a critical component to the success of this project.

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Siemens Brightly Software

In order to drive exponential sales for Brightly’s new Healthcare Unit, Diesel Sail focused on creating a healthcare-specific database with supporting personas and audience testing to refine audience receptivity. From product development to marketing support and sales execution, Diesel Sail collaborated with marketing leadership to deliver and execute a cohesive GTM plan. The result - in less than 4 years, Brightly healthcare became the fastest-growing division within the company bringing on more than 100 SaaS software clients. Valid and accurate data was the key driver to increased revenue and sales conversions.

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